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Jim Christian Fired At BC

As an ACC job comes open

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Louisville Cardinals Vs Boston College Eagles At Conte Forum
Jim Christian, who here appears to be looking to the heavens for help, didn’t get it: Boson College fired him Monday
Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Looks like Boston College is avoiding the spring rush to the coaching carousel and is booking an early seat: the school fired Jim Christian Monday after a 3-13 start in this most unusual season, and also opening a spot for a coveted ACC job.

Christian departs with a 3-13 record this season and a career record there of 78-132 and a winning percentage (okay losing percentage) of .371.

On the bright side, he has shown a knack for finding underappreciated talent and his teams have shown heart even as they struggled. But injuries and a perception of poor facilities and the brutally competitive ACC made it impossible to improve the program much. It also didn’t help that Christian, who played himself at Boston University and Rhode Island, had minimal recruiting ties in the Northeast.

BC thus gets an early start on a coaching search and remember this year may be particularly frenetic since a lot of schools that might have fired a coach last spring held off due to the pandemic. It was almost impossible to even schedule interviews and flying was not easy either.

So a lot of jobs are going to pop open in the near future and the competition is going to be very keen.

If only there were a respected coach nearby who has ACC experience as a player and on the bench, and who maybe isn’t doing so much right now and isn’t crazy about sitting the season out. If only a guy like that existed whose wife didn’t want to move because she had a prestigious job in town, who could drive or maybe even take a brisk walk over to interview at lunch.

Well a school can dream, can’t it?

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