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Jalen Johnson Calls It A Season, Declares For NBA Draft

Talented freshman won’t play again this year

Duke v Miami
MIAMI, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 01: Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski of the Duke Blue Devils speaks with Jalen Johnson #1 from a socially distant bench against the Miami Hurricanes during the second half at Watsco Center on February 01, 2021 in Miami, Florida.
Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Duke freshman Jalen Johnson, who has shown vast potential at times but disappeared at others, has decided to call it a season.

According to a source on, he’s cleaned out his locker. And he’s declared for the NBA Draft.

He’s played less and less lately and while we can’t say whether or not that’s a factor - it could certainly be his foot - we can say that Duke has already basically moved on. Mark Williams has moved into the starting lineup, Wendell Moore and Matthew Hurt have established themselves as starters and the freshmen backcourt is growing and Jordan Goldwire is a known commodity. Jaemyn Brakefield and Henry Coleman have also shown plenty of growth and Joey Baker always plays hard.

In short, it’ll hurt, but Duke is probably about as ready to play without the talented Johnson as they could be.

We’re going to reserve judgment until we hear more and we hope that Duke fans don’t go on social media and act like idiots. No one ever said Johnson had to play ball for Duke. It’s his life and his decision and we should respect that and cheer for the guys who put on the uniform.