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YouTube Gold: Nick Honor Has A Play For The Ages For Clemson

If you haven’t seen it don’t miss this.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Clemson
Feb 2, 2021; Clemson, SC, USA; Clemson sophomore guard Nick Honor (4) plays against North Carolina during the second half at Littlejohn Coliseum. 
Andersen Independent Mail-USA TODAY NETWORK

The Georgia-Tech Clemson game came down to the wire Friday night. The game was tight for most of the second half and the last three minutes, in particular, were really good.

Clemson’s basketball history is pretty minimal. The Tigers have had some great players - Tree Rollins, Larry Nance, Horace Grant, Dale Davis - but not that many enduringly great moments.

Try this as a thought experiment. What shining moments from Clemson history do you remember?

There just aren't too many.

Well there’s one more now.

Nick Honor could have passed for an easier shot. He could have driven and tried for a higher percentage shot.

Instead, he pulled up a good distance from the three point line and took a deep, clutch three.

That shot had swagger and the best sort of arrogance. It will define his legacy at Clemson and may define Clemson’s season.

It was a brilliant shot that Clemson fans are going to talk about for a long time to come.

Just as impressive was the celebration afterwards. It was pretty clear that this team is unified and has stuck together through bad times.

All in all, honestly, this was one of the best moments we’ve seen this season and reminded us of just how great college basketball can still be. It had March written all over it.