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ACC Roundup: The Asterisk Season

Georgia Tech’s about to run a covid-mandated gauntlet

NCAA Basketball: Clemson at Georgia Tech
ackets guard Jose Alvarado (10) defends Clemson Tigers guard John Newman III (15) in the first half at McCamish Pavilion.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Unusually, there’s a game on Friday as Georgia Tech heads up to Clemson to play the Tigers in Littlejohn.

This game is on because it’s a reschedule, even if it has a grossly negative affect on the Yellow Jackets, who now have to play on Wednesday, when they lost to Virginia, Friday vs. the Tigers, Sunday at 4:00 vs. Pitt at home then this coming Wednesday against Boston College at 12:00 noon, also at home.

If there’s a break in there, it’s that BC is the final team in that insane slog and that that game was pushed back one day.

For a comparison, we picked the Boston Celtics at random, and they play on the 12th, 14th, 16th and 17th.

On the other hand, they’re getting paid rather handsomely and don’t have to keep up with classwork.

Playing Virginia on Wednesday and then Clemson two days later isn’t exactly a break. Both teams are very tough defensively and very physical.

And following that up with Pitt, one of the most athletic teams in the conference? By Sunday, the Yellow Jackets are going to be a very tired team.

And Wednesday? Boston College has been awful this season, again largely due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, but they’ve shown some real heart. It wouldn’t shock us if they knocked off a tired Georgia Tech squad. In fact, it won’t shock us if Tech comes out of this stretch 0-4. It’s going to be very tough, and a lack of depth doesn’t help either.

Of course, Clemson, as well as any team in the conference, knows what kind of chaos Covid has caused this year. This entire season deserves an asterisk.