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For Everyone Who Has Asked, Cousin John’s New Book Is Out

You can order it today!

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Rehoboth Beach Delaware Over New Year’s Holiday
People can’t wait to read John Hart’s new book!
Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images

We get asked periodically, usually in Cameron, when Cousin John’s next book is coming out.

For those who don’t know, Cousin John is John Hart, who decided a while back that he didn’t care for being a lawyer and started to write instead.

It was a leap of faith that really paid off. John has always been a gregarious and natural story teller; doing it on paper was just the logical next step.

Well his new book is out, for those of you who might have asked in person if you could have.

It’s called “The Unwilling” and it’s getting outstanding reviews.

Take this one from Fort Lauderdale’s Sun-Sentinel. Here’s an excerpt:

Engrossing — and effective — historical mysteries don’t have to take place during eras hundreds of years ago. Often, the most gripping historicals take place during our immediate past as John Hart demonstrates in “The Unwilling,” set in 1972 during the height of The Vietnam War.”

He’s really become a fine writer and we can recommend his book(s) to everyone who enjoys a mature read. And since we’re all in quarantine, what better way to spend your spare time than with a good book?

He’s also a Duke fan and part of a large Duke family. So show him some love!

You can get it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local book store, assuming you’re allowed in.