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Coach K On Jalen Johnson’s Injury And Recovery

This explains a lot

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Pittsburgh
Jan 19, 2021; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Jalen Johnson (1) shoots against the Pittsburgh Panthers during the first half at the Petersen Events Center.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We didn’t see this before the Notre Dame game but this is pretty important so in case you missed it too it’s Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski discussing the injury Jalen Johnson suffered in December and why it was serious and remains so.

No one ever really discussed what exactly happened - Duke doesn’t always do that - but Coach K said that his rehab. was “something that, if it’s not done right, and it is being done right, could be a major factor in his career.”

As we like to say from time to time, none of us knows much about what goes on within a team dynamic. Johnson has periodically looked great but has his injury caused him to be erratic?

There’s really no way to know. But everyone who jumped to conclusions, including us, shot back up and reconsider.

We just really don’t have enough information to have an insight and barely enough for a considered opinion.