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YouTube Gold: The Most Amazing High School Player Of Our Time. And Possibly Any.

Watch it all but especially the ballhandling. Wow!

Holland Casino as Fieldlab experiment
Somebody will hit the jackpot when they sign Hansel Emanuel
Photo by Niels Wenstedt/BSR Agency/Getty Images

You remember when Zion Williamson surged on social media back in high school? He was doing things that no one who is 6-6 and 280 should be able to do and he created an absolute firestorm on social media platforms.

Thing is, he had - and has - all his limbs. When he goes up to dunk, at some point he uses both hands, even if it’s just to hold the ball on the way up for a tomahawk dunk.

That’s so not the case for Hansel Emmanuel Donato Domínguez, a 6-5 kid currently playing for Life Christian Academy in Kissimmee, Florida (that’s in the Orlando orbit).

He lost his left arm in an accident when he was six and learned how to play without it. And that’s no joke: the kid is a devastating ball handler. He can shoot with his hand (he does appear to use what remains of his left arm a bit but big deal. It’s not like he has fingers or a hand).

He’s gotten one scholarship offer at last count but he seems like a guy you’d want to have on your team, if for no other reason than he’s a living, breathing rejection of of the term impossible.