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Lexi Gordon Signs An Intriguing NIL Deal

Didn’t see this one coming

The Blue Devil working the crowd
The Blue Devil is Ready to Rumble!
Streeter Lecka

When NIL got started, no one really knew what to expect. As it’s developed, it’s clear that it’s going to be a bigger deal than anyone imagined. A lot of young players have been able to cut deals and it’s not just the big stars. Turns out athletes at small schools and even at small schools in small towns have had opportunities.

One of the latest players to cut a deal is Duke’s own Lexi Gordon.

A good but not great player, Gordon has signed with WWE. This has some perks aside from income, but the potentially interesting thing is this: WWE signed 15 athletes and hopes to sign some of them to develop as wrestlers. Could Gordon end up in the ring?

Well clearly that’s a big maybe. We’ll have to see what happens. But whatever does happen there, she’s got a nice income stream for the rest of her time in college, along with some very useful perks, and that’s great.