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YouTube Gold: The Great Lefty Driesell

Lefty was a trip to say the least.

Portrait of Charles Driesell
ACC legend Lefty Driesell

As far as we know, no one has ever asked Lefty Driesell if he’s part of the Brotherhood, but it might be a good idea since he’s a Duke grad.

Driesell played at Duke from 1951-1954. When he graduated, Mike Krzyzewski was just seven.

He went on to coach at Davidson, turning that tiny school into a Top Ten program before moving on to Maryland in 1970 and turning that program into a monster.

His boisterous nature got the best of him at times, notably when he promised to make Maryland “the UCLA of the East,” a promise he couldn’t keep or escape.

That doesn’t take away from his accomplishments. He is one of the greatest coaches in ACC history and a huge influence on the game.

His 90th birthday was Christmas Day so it seems like a good time to talk about the Lefthander.

Here’s a documentary about his career. Check out what Terry Holland says which is deeply funny.

Also, here’s his Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech which is pretty hilarious. One of his presenters?

Mike Krzyzewski.