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YouTube Gold: Dennis Scott’s Immortal Shot

This was one of the great moments in ACC history.

Georgia Tech v Maryland
COLLEGE PARK,MD - FEBRUARY 08: Dennis Scott #4 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets takes a jump shot during a college basketball game against the Maryland Terrapins on February 8, 1988 at Cole Filed House in College Park, Maryland.
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

As it turned out, Dennis Scott had a really solid NBA career. He was a spectacular shooter and was in great shape, which was not always the case at Georgia Tech. In fact, for at least a year or maybe two, Scott was in awful shape. But the guy had undeniable charisma and range.

In one of the greatest moments in pre-game Cameron history, some inspired Crazy put a candy bar marker down and dared Scott to shoot from there.

Scott took the dare and drilled the shot. Then he he picked up the candy bar and ate it.

They loved him for it.

When Kenny Anderson showed up in 1989, the base for Georgia Tech’s Lethal Weapon Three was in place and in the 1990 tournament, when Tech took on LSU with Stanley Robinson, Chris Jackson (later Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf) and Shaquille O’ Neal, it seemed like a huge mismatch.

LSU went up 17 but the Yellow Jackets roared back, ultimately winning 94-91.

Today passing up a high percentage shot for a three is not a surprise but in 1990, it was outrageous. So when Scott backed up and drained this three, it was a huge deal. It also underscored what a great team Georgia Tech had. And a fun one too.