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Slow Watching Duke-Virginia Tech

First half.

Virginia Tech v Duke
DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA - DECEMBER 22: Paolo Banchero #5 and Wendell Moore Jr. #0 of the Duke Blue Devils defend Keve Aluma #22 of the Virginia Tech Hokies during the second half of their game at Cameron Indoor Stadium on December 22, 2021 in Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The holidays were kind of busy and we didn’t get a chance to slow-watch the Virginia Tech game and didn’t think we would. But no Clemson means more time. So here you go: first half of Duke-Virginia Tech. Here’s the condensed video.

  • 20:00. This is perhaps the greatest stolen tip of all time. Seriously, Williams has done this in every game we can recall this season and not once been called for it. Did we miss something? Has the rule changed?
  • 19:56: All alone in the backcourt, Roach…embraces the ball? It’s kind of odd but as long as he keeps working on defense, he can marry it for all we care.
  • 19:47: This pass by Banchero is ridiculous. And Keels drills it to start the scoring parade.
  • 18:57: Double-teamed, Banchero gets another assist. The decision making is impressive.
  • 18:35: Watch Keels battle through not one but two screens like a linebacker after a trash talking QB.
  • 17:11: This is a weird move by Moore, who is driving then splays his legs. Trying to draw a foul?
  • 16:42: Williams blocks. Does anyone have a stronger pair of guards than Murphy and Cattoor?
  • 16:34: But next to Banchero, Murphy looks like a little kid.
  • 15:36: Williams looks at Aluma and knows he’s got no chance.
  • 15:10: You’re never going to get every call but c’mon…Murphy is dribbling the ball above his eyeline here.
  • 15:01: Great awareness by Mutts here not least of all because he sort of bobbled the ball first.
  • 14:48: We just realized something about Murphy but if we told you we’d get banned from Twitter and Eunice Shriver would haunt us and that wouldn’t be good. So never mind.
  • 14:16: Almost timidly, Banchero gives Aluma a little shot to try to open things inside. It’s a very quick hit. Don’t blink.
  • 13:42: Nahiem Alleyne runs a mean break!
  • 13:30: Serious question: Do you think the staff called Banchero soft over this drive?
  • 13:12: Aluma’s spin move here on John is just…well it’s just so damn quick. Superb. John is in trouble.
  • 12:45: Aluma is putting some serious pressure on Banchero here.
  • 12:38: Honestly, this is a dominant move by Moore and who thought he would develop into a dominant player? Sit down, Mrs. Moore, we’re not talking to you.
  • 11:59: This is a goofy sequence. Watch Griffin lose the ball on the defender’s leg and then come down only to see Alleyne lose the ball of of his foot.
  • 9:56: Mark Williams on defense would make most players wet the bed. No shame here, Hokies.
  • 9:39: Watch Keels slip in for the easy layup off the inbounds. Williams makes a half-hearted screen attempt, which he presumably heard about later.
  • 9:20: Cattoor tries to climb Mt. Williams but he forgot his gear!
  • 9:15: You know, Banchero really is an underrated passer.
  • 8:28: Williams knocks the ball loose but then can’t respond quickly enough when Aluma recovers and heads to the basket.
  • 8:16: Moore’s pass here is stunning really. It’ll be shown at the basketball banquet. Wow.
  • 7:23: Keels looks away for just a second and Murphy burns him.
  • 6:14: Like Keels before him, Griffin turns his head and Murphy makes him pay too.
  • 5:52: It’s very subtle, but Roach makes a little fake here that Murphy totally buys. Oops!
  • 5:30: Aluma knows he missed right away. Too bad no one blocked him out.
  • 5:10: Griffin gets Mutts up and goes past him, then shoots over him after he recovers. Sweet play.
  • 4:42: After the refs discuss the foul on Williams, Mike Young has his hands all over one. It’s not really hostile but geez.
  • 4:37: Banchero shuts down the lane on Aluma!
  • 4:18: That sound you heard was the collective NBA drool as Banchero hits a fabulous spin move and then finds Griffin open for a three point attempt.
  • 3:41: Roach cuts inside with very little margin for error and gets a three point play attempt.
  • 3:04: Banchero spins and hits a left-hander in the lane.
  • 2:45: Griffin forces Mutts into a walk.
  • 2:16: Griffin drives, almost loses the ball, and gets to the line anyway.
  • 1:54: We hope to see more physical play from Banchero, but not like this.
  • 1:30: Cattoor is out of Moore’s line of vision for a heartbeat and gets a three out of it.
  • 0:03.2: Cattoor does everything but hit the shot. Great drive. Hokies are up 36-32.