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DBR Podcast #373: Covid Postpones Clemson Game

And, some early Bracketology

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we knew Covid would affect Duke’s season, and it looks like that time is now. The road game against the Clemson Tigers was postponed due to Duke having too many players in Covid protocols, and we’re here to react to it on Episode 373.

Sam, Jason, and Donald discuss the postponing of the game, along with the the CDC and ACC’s amended guidelines, and what it could mean for Duke’s upcoming road trip to Notre Dame this weekend.

After the break, we get into some NCAA Tournament talk with ESPN’s Joe Lunardi and his most recent projected tournament bracket. Duke’s a #1 seed in Lunardi’s eyes, but the rest of the ACC doesn’t show well in the latest projections. We take some time to discuss what matchups could be interesting, which teams look to be potential top seeds in the tournament, and how it would look for Duke had the season ended today.

We will be doing a mailbag episode later this week, so send us some questions to DBR Podcast at Gmail dot com! We look forward to discussing some of the basketball questions along with maybe some movie and music questions that the listeners submit!