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The Brotherhood Draws In Another Recruit

It’s an increasingly powerful tool for Duke recruiting

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Windermere (13) Sean Stewart dunks over P.K. Yonge (22) Courtney Brown in the second half. Windermere defeated P.K. Yonge 69-39 in the Jim Haley Christmas Classic Monday night, December 20, 2021 in Ocala FL

A while back we talked about JJ Redick, when he was a little kid, seeing Christian Laettner hit his legendary shot against Kentucky and telling his dad he wanted to go to Duke.

Then more recently Jared Schutt, who committed to Duke earlier this year, said he had studied Redick’s shot and, in so many words, said Redick was a factor in his commitment.

We wondered then who would be next, figuring that it might be Zion Williamson.

And it still might be.

But maybe someone else beat him to it.

When Sean Stewart committed to Duke last week, he posted an image of himself with Grant Hill and Jayson Tatum.

Hill’s obvious; he’s an icon. In basketball he hit the highest level, fell due to injuries and health problems, then reinvented himself.

If anything, he’s been even more impressive in his post-basketball life.

But Tatum is still new. Clearly though he’s caught the imagination of Stewart and probably other guys his imagination.

This is an unexpected benefit to the Brotherhood, If things continue to work as they are now - no guarantees of that of course - we may see another young player committing got Duke because of what Stewart accomplished in Cameron.