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Duke Recruiting: Sean Stewart Video

Syndication: Ocala StarBanner
Windermere (13) Sean Stewart cheers for his team from the bench in the second half. Windermere defeated P.K. Yonge 69-39 in the Jim Haley Christmas Classic Monday night, December 20, 2021 in Ocala FL.

Recruiting is a funny business. You see some guys that everyone assumes is going to be great - until they aren’t.

Chris Burgess was seen as the top high school player in his class but it didn’t take Elton Brand long to move past him.

Ja Morant and Seth Curry? Almost no one saw those guys coming.

You never know until you do. Some guys just have something in them that pushes them to greatness. Their families and coaches might see it early. But the rest of us? It’s a lot more difficult.

Take Sean Stewart, who just committed to Jon Scheyer and Duke for the class of 2023. He’s generally ranked as a 4-star prospect, whatever the hell that is. What is he? Fifteen? Maybe sixteen?

He’s clearly a talented player, as you’ll see in this video, but is four-star right? Is he a five-star? Will he be by the time he finishes?

The correct answer is it’s irrelevant. You prove yourself on the court. If you belong, you belong.

No one cares what your flaws are if your strengths are good enough.

Stewart is clearly talented and Scheyer is an excellent judge of talent. Even so, the kid is a rising junior and by default is physically immature, at a minimum.

All that said, he does look very promising.