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Slow Watching The Second Half Of Duke-Appalachian State

Wow was there some fun stuff here.

NCAA Basketball: Elon at Duke
Dec 18, 2021; Durham, North Carolina, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Jeremy Roach (3) and forward Wendell Moore Jr. (0) joke during the second half against the Elon Phoenix at Cameron Indoor Stadium. 
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

19:21: It’s kind of hard to believe that Moore could be that open for that long. But there it is. Generally speaking, when he’s on the court Griffin heads for the boards on a shot like this. Banchero not so much.

19:04: Like Keels, Williams has a real knack for reaching in and knocking the ball loose but it can also end up as a foul. Like here.

18:34: This is pretty cool. Watch Moore direct Keels down to the corner and then get the ball to him a few seconds later for an open shot. He missed, but still, cool play.

18:21: Almonacy hasn’t scored in a long time and he kind of chunks this up in a hurry - with Banchero in his face. Delph hits a three though.

17:41: Keels leaves the corner towards the middle and a triple team. Previously he might have forced things, a la freshman Moore. Ultimately Williams gets the ball and draws a foul.

17:37: Keels gets the inbounds but this play would have been perfect for Williams.

17:26: This is a really keen play by ASU. Forrest misses a three, then Gregory tips it past Roach to Forrest who one-hands it to Lewis for a dunk. It’s an amazing play really. The lead is now down to five and Coach K is not happy. Get a TO, baby! Marker toss!

17:03: That whole spin thing Banchero does? He’s really quick at it. Like here.

16:37: Defense suddenly tougher, Delph gets forced into a long three.

16:32: Gregory picks up his third foul. When you see a second-tier team get a key player in foul trouble, you can just about start to sing The Party’s Over.

16:26: The state of Banchero’s game is just about encapsulated here. He makes a brilliant pass to Keels to open the court up. But when Keels gets it back to him, Banchero drives and ends up…doing what exactly? Not asserting himself for one. At some point he’ll learn to just take it to the rack and stick ‘em, in the immortal words of Benny Anders. He’s not there yet. Silly turnover. Made his mind up to drive too soon and no Plan B. But Moore was open in the corner. Roach stops ASU’s easy basket but at the cost of a foul.

16:08: Griffin in for Banchero. Williams gets stuck under the basket but passes out of the double team to Griffin who nails the three.

15:46: ASU barely gets the ball inside the three point line on this possession.

15:33: Roach is alone in the corner and ASU doesn’t respect him - two guys run after Griffin. Roach makes them pay for that.

15:15: Almonacy dribbles the ball off his foot right to Williams. Keels might have gotten a finger on it though.

15:10: They might not have respected Roach but Moore is a different story. Too late! Duke by 14.

14:47: Almonacy almost gets open but Griffin and Roach are poised to pounce. He misses again.

14:17: Delph dribbles between Keels and Moore and lives to tell the tale.

14:09: Check out Delph’s slick move on Moore here.

13:52: Alomancy strands himself at the top of the key. The pressure has really ramped up.

13:16: Almonacy is getting tons of pressure from Keels.

13:07: Eads ends up taking a long there as the pressure is getting to the Mountaineers now. And Griffin is not far away either.

12:48: Almonacy tries to drive on Banchero on the break…it’s another miss.

12:33: Just a little give-and-go on the inbounds between Moore and John. They haven’t been teammates long but look at the casual confidence they have.

12:12: The Dynamic Duo strikes again on the other end of the court, trapping Forrest. He manages to pass out of it but Duhart misses the shot and it’s back to Duke.

11:55: It’s impossible to know exactly what the communication is here but at precisely the moment Coach K raises his hand, on the other side of the court Captain Joey Baker seems to caution Griffin and as Coach K gestures to the corner near the bench, Baker goes there. Bonus: Scheyer’s body language again reflects Coach K’s. But Moore, playing with supreme confidence, takes it down the lane for two. Everyone seems happy with the outcome.

11:16: Banchero is displeased with the call but gets nowhere with the refs.

10:13: Baker has always been a willing shooter but we’re not sure he’s ever been more ready to take a shot than he was right here. And in the past he always did better with more room. Here he’s just arrogant - in the best way.

9:50: Watch this. Almonacy kicks the ball to the corner and Forrest drives on Griffin then makes an athetically brilliant pass between Griffin and John to Lewis in the lane - who faces four guys converging on him. He dribbles out of danger and passes it to Delph who walks. Really that was pretty great defensive reactions by Duke.

9:32: This time App State expects Baker to shoot but he drives and Eurosteps, drawing the foul. Moore gets tons of praise for immense improvement. Baker’s is not as obvious but he’s radically better too.

9:21: Banchero gets aggressive and goes for the steal but leaves a lane open for Gregory.

8:58: We’d just like to note that Jefferson is using a pencil.

8:49: There’s a lot to like about Griffin’s game but one of our absolute favorite things is the guy always - always - goes to the basket when a shot goes up. Watch a few games this week and see how many talented players don’t do that.

8:37: Watch Delph and what a smart pass he makes here. Duke is more talented and plays tough D and Lewis bobbles it. That does not change the fact that this is a smart, well-coached team. Very admirable program.

8:22: This is just funny: John strolls into the screen along the bench and kind of leave over so as to not affect Roach’s shot (and as a side note, look how hard Duke has worked that corner). Then he turns and puts up three fingers. Roach misses but the whole sequence is kind of cool.

7:27: Big men who run get fun shots. Moore actually paces Williams on this break, slowing down to make sure the big guy gets a cookie.

7:01: Banchero moves his feet the wrong way and opens a lane for Gregory. He’s probably been over it a few times already in film session.

6:37: Williams spins and then Lewis just muscles him out of position. Lewis is 6-8 and 215. Guys won’t be able to do this to Williams forever but he needs more power to resist. He just can’t plant his legs. Watch him try; he just can’t hold his position.

5:57: Not that we’re counting but this must be the fourth or fifth time Moore has faked left then used a crossover to go right and penetrate. Someone will force him to prove he can do it to the left soon. Sweet dunk though.

4:50: We can’t completely explain it yet but there are situations under the basket where Williams is just not going to be able to block a shot. And he knows it.

4:09: Moore has gotten this deep into the game without a foul. That’s damn good. And by the way, Almonacy is hardly trying to shoot anymore. He’s been eliminated as a factor.

3:52: Corey Alexander was an excellent college basketball player who could really shoot. As an announcer, he veers between arrogance and schmaltziness but still has a goofy likeability and at times has some good insights. Like what he said about Banchero with follow through. Which he has here - and scores.

3:11: What we said about Banchero remembering he’s 6-10 and 250? Here too - but for a different reason. Ouch. Actually go back to 3:23 and watch Banchero punish Forrest, who clearly doesn’t appreciate any of it. He has a few pointed comments after the foul is called. On the replay you’ll see Almonacy subtly reminding Forrest to not overreact.

1:21: Great idea but bad execution by Harcum.

1:03: Not exactly perfect form, but Blakes hits a three, again from the corner.

33.6: Not sure we’ve ever seen anyone fight through a pick quite like this. Nice job by Blakes. His balance isn’t as good as Roach’s but his anticipation is outstanding.