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YouTube Gold: Dereon Seabron’s Spectacular Night

Seabron is emerging as one of the better players in the ACC and possibly the nation.

RALEIGH, NC - DECEMBER 01: North Carolina State Wolfpack guard Dereon Seabron (1) goes up for a shot between Nebraska Cornhuskers forward Derrick Walker (13) and Nebraska Cornhuskers guard Bryce McGowens (5) during the game between the North Carolina State Wolfpack and the Nebraska Cornhuskers at PNC Arena on December 1, 2021 in Raleigh, NC.
Photo by William Howard/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Dereon Seabron had a spectacular game against Nebraska in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. He finished with 39 points, shooting 11-22 and hit 17-20 from the free throw line. He also had 18 rebounds.

More importantly, he played with immense energy which was even more impressive when you consider that this was the rare 60-minute game.

And not only did he show amazing energy, it seemed to actually increase until the last few minutes of the game. And even then he may have been playing more cautiously simply because he had picked up his fourth foul.

And while Seabron was indisputably the highlight, teammate Ebenezer Dowuona had a special game too.

He’s still an unpolished player and learning on the job as he tries to replace Manny Bates, but he showed an impressive talent in this one: he had eight blocks.

In his case, it was closer to a normal game: Dowuona played forty five minutes which works out to full game and one overtime.

About the only criticism you can really make of State is that at times it wasn’t perfect basketball. But the Pack showed immense heart and passion. Yoke that to the win over UNC football this past weekend and State has something great to build on for its overall identity.