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Jayson Tatum vs. RJ Barrett Postponed

Tatum had a good game though

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks
We were hoping to see RJ Barrett and Jayson Tatum square off Saturday but Covid ruled that out.
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

We were hoping we could talk a bit about the Boston-New York game Saturday because it should have meant Jayson Tatum playing against RJ Barrett, if not necessarily face to face all the time.

Unfortunately we can’t because while Tatum played, and played quite well with 25 points, nine boards and two assists, Barrett had to duck into the Covid protocol.

He certainly wasn't the only one: each team was missing six players.

It’s a major problem for the NBA, NFL and NHL right now and college basketball isn’t far behind.

If you scroll down ESPN’s listed games for Saturday, 13 were postponed or canceled. Five more are out for Sunday. Four are already listed as ether postponed, canceled or forfeit on Monday.

Still, the situation is not what it was this time last year and there are some reasons for optimism. Between vaccines and natural immunity, far less people are at risk. Therapeutics described as game changers are coming on board. Bill Gates, who fretted about a possible pandemic before one found us, says that he thinks it’s just about over. He’s no doctor or scientist, but whatever anyone thinks of him, no one doubts his intelligence.

Let’s hope he’s right. Everyone at this point has just about had enough.