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YouTube Gold: A Superb Comeback In Johnson City, Tennessee

This is going to be talked about for a long time

CHATTANOOGA, TN - OCTOBER 16: ETSU running back Jacob Saylors (8) rushes for a touchdown during the game between the Chattanooga Mocs and the ETSU Buccaneers on October 16, 2021 at Finley stadium in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Photo by Charles Mitchell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The reason we generally prefer basketball to football is that basketball is a faster game. Football, as George Will wittily defined it, is highly American, violence punctuated by committee meetings.

Basketball is nearly always more exciting. But not always.

Take the recent thriller between NC State and UNC which saw the Wolfpack score two touchdowns quite late to come back and beat the Heels (UNC nearly scored another at the end too).

It was a spectacular accomplishment that State fans are probably still giddy about.

Well turns out much the same thing happened in an FCS playoff game between Kennesaw State and East Tennessee State.

ETSU is a level or two down from the ACC but in both football and basketball it has had moments of brilliance: Keith “Mr.” Jennings, anyone?

The comeback against Kennesaw State was - is - a thing of beauty. ETSU was down 31-17 with 1:50 left. A quick drive, an on-sides kick, another drive and a two-point conversion later and ETSU had a spectacular win that, much like State’s win over UNC, the fans will be talking about for years. This is college football at its finest.