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YouTube Gold: Grant Hill’s Immortal Alley-Oop

Still amazing after all these years

Duke University Grant Hill, 1991 NCCA Midwest Regional Semifinals
College Basketball: NCAA Playoffs: Duke Grant Hill (33) in action, dunk vs St. John’s University. Pontiac, MI 3/22/1991
Set Number: X41176

When you think about it, how would you begin to classify the greater individual plays of the Mike Krzyzewski era at Duke?

You’d have to put Christian Laettner’s shot against Kentucky on the list and probably Austin Rivers’ shot to knock out UNC. Maybe Johnny Dawkins snuffing Notre Dame’s David Rivers at the buzzer? How about Phil Henderson dunking all over Alonzo Mourning? We broke a couch on that one - seriously.

You could go on. Miracle Minute? Check. Dahntay Jones’s pushup after an outrageous dunk? Shane Battier’s fingernail block vs. Arizona? Gene Banks’s dramatic shot vs. UNC on his Senior Day?

You get the idea - a list like that could go on forever.

But no matter what else is on that list, one play really almost has to be on everyone’s list and that’s Grant Hill’s alley-oop against Kansas in the 1991 Final Four.

If you’ll remember, Bobby Hurley considerably overthrew Hill on a break but he stunned everyone by going up and getting it.

It looked impossible until he did it. Just a brilliant, brilliant play.