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YouTube Gold: Baylor Decimates Villanova

As Scott Drew’s program rises again

Villanova v Baylor
WACO, TX - DECEMBER 12: Head coach Scott Drew of the Baylor Bears reacts as the Bears take on the Villanova Wildcats in the first half at the Ferrell Center on December 12, 2021 in Waco, Texas. Baylor won 57-36.
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Remember the Bastard Dave Bliss?

He was at Baylor when Carlton Dotson shot and killed teammate Patrick Dennehy. Bliss tried to frame the slain Dennehy as a drug dealer to protect himself. It was just disgraceful. You could spend an evening trying to find the right words. We settled on bastard.

The silver lining, not that it makes up for Dennehy’s death, is that Scott Drew replaced Bliss. He has been the complete opposite in terms of character, closer to Ted Lasso than most coaches, and his positive treatment of players has led to immense success in Waco.

After losing four players from last year’s epically great team, Baylor was expected to take a step back. The Bears were still seen as a Top 15 or so team but #1?

Not a chance.

Well, not anymore.

Baylor just took Villanova apart Sunday, holding a Top Ten team to just 36 points, and served notice that they are in pursuit of a second straight national championship.

We used to make fun of Drew and Baylor, not fully understanding the program. Not anymore. We have immense respect for what those guys have built and, just as importantly, how they have built it.