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Miles To Go For Kentucky?

The Wildcats struggled in exhibition play but odds are they’ll be ready Tuesday

Syndication: The Courier-Journal
Miles College nearly caught Kentucky napping Friday night.
Scott Utterback/Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Whatever you expected to see in Kentucky’s game vs. D-II Miles College, you probably didn’t expect to see this: Miles started off 11-15 from three point range in the first half and led at the half 46-39.


Now keep in mind that the Kentucky players were already talking about Duke and it’s very possible that they simply took Miles for granted and were too focused on Duke. Classic trap-game stuff.

But there are still things to look at.

First, Kentucky actually shot better on threes for the whole game, hitting 11-19 to 15-30 for Miles.

But in the first half, Miles was something else. They shot up 13-4 in a surprisingly empty Rupp Arena and UK just wasn’t defending. Worse, they made some really bad decisions on offense.

But talent isn’t an issue and UK has a nice backcourt and some really nice talent up front as well that just needs to gel.

Still, we’d hate to be in the film session after this one. Lots of dumb mistakes. Damion Collins is immensely talented but driving into a double team under the basket and jumping to pass out of it? Even people like us know that’s a recipe for disaster. And basic, elementary stuff like not telegraphing your passes - ugh.

We’ll have more on Kentucky before Tuesday but as far as John Calipari goes, he’s probably hoping that his team was looking ahead. This was a very weak outing by UK. Don’t expect them to play this poorly on Tuesday.