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The Oldest Living Former Blue Devil

Bill Wetmore has lived a remarkable life

Duke University vs Florida State University
College Basketball: Duke Blue Devil mascot during game vs Florida State at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Durham, NC 1/21/2012 
Set Number: X86767 TK1 R1 F64

Folks around DBR probably know more about Duke Basketball than most people but here’s something you might not have known: the oldest living member of the Brotherhood, Bill Wetmore, is now 100 years old and played for Eddie Cameron in 1940-41.

We don’t know much about him honestly but he may well have left school to serve in World War II. He would have been the right age.

He did graduate from Duke with a degree in mechanical engineering, a masters from Lehigh and then headed out to UCLA before coming back east.

He’s in retirement in Pinehurst now, quite alert and apparently vigorous, and he’s been conducting Bible studies among a number of other things that would be impressive for someone much younger.

It’s remarkable that a guy who played at Duke 80 years ago is still with us and still doing so much and so well.

As you’ll see in the article, he has a basketball autographed by Mike Krzyzewski. The obvious motivation is simply Wetmore’s status as the oldest living Duke basketball player but it’s also likely his lifelong demonstration of character.