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YouTube Gold: Duke-Citadel Highlights

And there were some good ones too.

NCAA Basketball: Citadel at Duke
 Nov 22, 2021; Durham, North Carolina, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Paolo Banchero (5) spins to the basket as The Citadel Bulldogs forward Hayden Brown (33) defends during the second half at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Duke-Citadel game had some memorable moments not least of all Duggar Baucom passing out on the sideline. It happened in an instant just barely into the game. You couldn’t tell what the fuss was about but as soon as they gathered around the bench you kind of had an idea.

And if you read about the Citadel’s coach before the game and saw he had a history of heart issues it was deeply concerning. Fortunately it looks like he’s okay.

His team did well without him. You kind of get the idea that Baucom wakes up dreaming about three point shooting and he’s got a bunch of guys who can do it too.

For Duke, the highlights were much more nuanced. There were some wonderful plays by Wendell Moore, Paolo Banchero and Mark Williams and lots of fast breaks and dunks. If by any chance you haven’t seen the game here are the highlights. Or maybe you’d rather see the whole thing.