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A Slow Look At The Second Half Of Duke-Lafayette

This half was a lot more fun

Lafayette v Duke
 DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA - NOVEMBER 19: The Duke Blue Devils bench reacts during a game against the Lafayette Leopards at Cameron Indoor Stadium on November 19, 2021 in Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

  • 19:37: Not sure Moore thought O’Boyle could hit a shot like this. Well apparently he can.
  • 18:43: Williams rushes out to double team near the top of the key but gets back in time to guard Quinn near the basket. He fouled, but that’s some good mobility.
  • 18:26: Banchero knows what he’s going to do here, namely launch a three from the corner. Swish!
  • 18:05: Keels called for a foul here. Didn’t get it but looks like he was pushed.
  • 17:57: Roach just got beat to the backdoor by Perry. He’s probably heard about it a few times since Friday.
  • 17:46: Watch Williams on the rebound. Some day he will be able to push through this stuff. That day is not today. Vertically he’s king. On the ground? He’s still far too weak to push back.
  • 17:06: Watch how hard Williams work the boards again.
  • 17:02: Williams splits two defenders and takes it in - but shies away from contact.
  • 16:38: Williams does everything right on this block and Moore gets another layup. But it’s another example of a Duke player driving left and shooting righty. BTW that’s the second or third block Williams has maintained control of in this game. Pretty brilliant display.
  • 16:03: Moore gets a screen and he pounces for a nice bucket.
  • 15:31: Quinn beats Williams who follows him with his hands up in position…but realizes he’s likely to get whistled so he lets Quinn go. He may have also realized that Quinn isn’t shooting very well. Very savvy play.
  • 15:19: Moore Wendell as Cap takes control of the game. TO Lafayette.
  • 15:03: Quinn makes a tremendous pass. The Joker would be proud!
  • 14:48: Banchero fakes Jenkins off his feet and Duke’s star freshman hits a nice basket as Jenkins comes down as helpless as a 300 lb. ex paratrooper who forgot his chute.
  • 13:34: This is where John steals and takes it in for the most fun coast-to-coast basket by a Duke big man since Brian Zoubek cracked up the bench in 2010. Another right-handed shot on the left side of the basket. Hmmmm
  • 13:04: Griffin starting to heat up!
  • 11:27: A textbook example of why you should always block out
  • 11:00: Griffin drives and lofts a shot soft over a 6-10 defender. Sweet play.
  • 9:57: At the half, Coach K emphasized defending Jenkins. This is his first shot of the half. At 9:57.
  • 8:56: The composed Jenkins is on hiatus. He just lost control here for no particular reason. Roach picks it up and this is where Williams misses twice and finally get pissed off and just slams it, a la Mason Plumlee, backwards.
  • 7:50: Roach sets Williams up for a slam, jam, bam, baby! That’s for you, Mr. Vitale!
  • 7:25: Williams could have had this block - if he had used his left hand instead of reaching over his body with his right.
  • 5:35: No exaggeration here: this is the first time we can recall that Griffin didn’t crash the boards after a shot went up.
  • 5:34: This is really pretty cool and unexpected: Jones is the closest guy to the baseline but after Lafayette starts to break, he’s the first guy to get to the other basket.
  • 5:05: Griffin gets a three which is cool, but what’s cooler is the ballhandling and footwork. Griffin’s center of gravity is low like Jason Williams. That’s a real asset.
  • 4:17: Griffin goes back to the same area and hits another three. Why not?
  • 2:46: Griffin hits one more for his total of 18. Note Quinn pushing John away from the basket.
  • 2:15: John launches his first, and possibly only, three at Duke.
  • 1:20: Hubbard and Borden check in although Borden seems a bit confused about how to actually do it.
  • 55.5: If you can dribble this low, it’s very hard to take the ball away.