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A Slower Look At The Second Half Of The Duke vs. Gardner-Webb

Lots of fun stuff after halftime

Gardner-Webb v Duke
DURHAM, NC - NOVEMBER 16: Players, coaches and staff of the Gardner-Webb Runnin’ Bulldogs stand for the National anthem prior to their game against the Duke Blue Devils at Cameron Indoor Stadium on November 16, 2021 in Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

We took a slower look at the second half and saw some fun stuff. Here are the notes.

  • 17:51: A great example of how Roach has improved - a beautiful alley-oop pass to Williams. Last year Roach could not really operate inside. This year? He absolutely can.
  • 17:26: Two examples on this sequence that show just how much Williams can influence shooters. Also, as 17:19, Sears got away with a shove that knocked Roach off his feet.
  • 16:52: You know, you have to push hard to knock Keels off-balance. The guy is built like a locomotive.
  • 16:44: Speaking of Keels, he really doesn’t play like a freshman. Coaches would get mad that he left his feet but it’s not like anyone was really near Moore so no big problem other than habits. Speaking of habits, we love how Griffin rushes to the basket when someone shoots. It’s a very consistent thing.
  • 16:24: 5-11 vs. 7-0. 5-11 vs. 7-0. 5-11 vs. 7-0. Broken record but C’mon. Why do they keep doing this? Griffin’s instincts are again good as he gets out on the break for an easy basket.
  • 15:52: Moore gets called for the charge but there’s no way Terry’s feet were set.
  • 15:25: Memo to D. Williams: What is this, third grade? Seriously? Honestly, he’d have done better to have stepped on M. William’s shoe. Not that we’re recommending it.
  • 14:50: Griffin says his knee is 100 percent and with plays like this, we believe. Him! We believe him. If he and Keels can both shoot well from out there, Duke opponents are in for a world of pain, Smoky. A world of pain!
  • 14:30: Griffin didn’t get this shot - Baker got Terry on the arm - but that’s a pretty quick leap.
  • 14:20: Okay, kids, watch Griffin and do this too. Love seeing this.
  • 14:05: Griffin could make a good video on how to crash the boards. If he even thinks there’s a shot on the way he’s heading in.
  • 13:56: This would have been a great play to reward Griffin for his hustle because he was wide open. Missed opportunity.
  • 13:49: Runnin’ Bulldogs. Whose idea was that? Have you ever watched a bulldog run? It’s three feet and a nap. Why not Gardner-Webb Border Collies? Now there’s something to aspire to. Those dogs are damn quick, can run all day - and coachable.
  • 13:49: Griffin says I will not be screened! Had to watch that twice actually. Very cool.
  • 13:10: The quick hands of JB!
  • 12:43: Some people have talent and never learn how to move. Griffin understands that you can never stop moving and that your opportunities increase exponentially the more you do.
  • 11:58: Banchero picks off the ball and heads in but gets all Danny Ferry (circa 1986) at the end and gets nothing. Just kidding - he just took off too early.
  • 11:45: Not exactly textbook defense by Blakes but the effort is commendable.
  • 8:47: Honestly we weren’t sure why Duke offered Bates Jones but we’re starting to understand.
  • 9:23: Look where Griffin is when the shot goes up and look who gets the rebound. Impressive.
  • 8:40: Griffin got eight boards in 16 minutes mostly because he keeps moving and going towards the ball when a shot goes up.
  • 8:27: Griffin keeps the offense moving and Moore is open. Shot is in rhythm of the offense. Great play.
  • 8:01: Second straight basket by Moore.
  • 7:43: It looks like Jones got out of position but when Williams is behind you you can overplay. Notice, yet again, how Griffin slips into rebounding position, this time pretty subtly.
  • 6:54: Watch how Jones rebounds and how quickly he pivots then passes to Moore.
  • 6:15: We almost missed this but look again at how quickly Jones makes decisions. It’s really pretty brilliant passing here. Brother Daniel would be really proud.
  • 6:00: Speaking of alert, look at Griffin here. Duke is on the verge of having 7-8 guys who can start at any time.
  • 5:45: Jones again! Yet another quick decision and assist. He could be very useful against Syracuse. He’s not getting full credit for his assists in the box score. We think he had at least three at this point in the game. Only was credited with one.
  • 5:04: Blakes drives and jumps and, well, you know the rest. On the bench Coach K’s thought bubble probably reads: freshmen!!!
  • 4:49: Jones gets lost in the middle and gives Baker the chance to make an immortal hustle play. With 4:49 left no less. This play will get talked about and praised as much as any in this game. Hall of Fame hustle play.
  • 4:43: As much driving as he’s done this game maybe we should call him Joey Uber instead of Joey Buckets.
  • 4:18: Griffin picks up the ball in the lane, goes coast to coast, goes up with his LEFT hand….and clanks it. It’s hard to explain that shot. Maybe he just bobbled it? Looked ugly though.
  • 3:57: The kid comes right back and redeems himself by hustling for a board.
  • 3:40: Yes the pass soars over Jones’s head but the kid from G-W has his hands in his back too. Probably should have been called.
  • 1:39: Arguably Blakes’s first great play as a Blue Devil.
  • 55.6: Arguably Blakes’s second great play as a Blue Devil. Pity Griffin couldn’t hold on to the ball. Even the announcer was startled. The place might have vibrated deep underground if the freshmen had pulled that off. Wow!
  • 38.4: You may call it garbage time. Blakes calls it time to shine time….or something like that. Might as well keep it going.