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More On Savarino, Banchero And Efland

The law of unintended consequences rears its ugly head

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 16 Gardner-Webb at Duke
Paolo Banchero and Mark Williams in action for Duke

We’d just like to take up a couple of other points about the Savarino/Banchero incident.

We were listening to Jay Bilas on the podcast Bald Men On Campus and according to Bilas, Savarino and Banchero were in Efland to attend a party.

And that needs to be talked about.

We can certainly understand why Duke and other universities have banned drinking on campus. First, bad things happen when lots of people drink. And second, liability is liability.

But is the alternative any better?

Why on earth are Duke kids driving to Efland to go to a party? That’s beyond us. We understand they are renting places to have parties since they can’t do it on campus. The Duke lacrosse party was held off-campus. But Efland? That’s 25 miles out. The only thing that makes sense is that it’s way cheaper to rent a place in Efland than Durham and obviously people are going to have to drive to get there.

Whatever the reason, having college kids drive 25 miles to go to a party is not good. If bad things were happening with on-campus drinking it’s likely to be much worse in Efland. Savarino and Banchero were pulled over and taken off the road. How many other kids were at that party who had to get back to campus? How much did they have to drink?

Unintentionally, the prohibition of alcohol on campus has created a problem that may become a much worse issue than the one it sought to fix. We don’t know what it is, but there has to be a smarter way to deal with this.