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Duke Recruiting: Sean Stewart Sounds Pretty Interested

According to his father

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 \”Awesome, baby!\” is what ESPN’s Dick Vitale would most likely be screaming as he’s given the royal treatment by Duke University’s Cameron Crazies\” in 2000 file

Sean Stewart, a 6-8 forward from Orlando, is down to eight schools - Duke, Georgetown, Michigan, Stanford, Ohio State, Kansas, Harvard and Howard - and his father Michael says he’ll probably decide by spring. And it sounds like Duke is definitely in the mix:

“The Duke visit was great. We’ve been there plenty of times over the years, watched games and checked out campus...Their message is very similar to some of the other high-academic schools. It’s a four-year decision, but on top of that it’s the best of both worlds...And with the new staff coming, we’re well-positioned to change a couple things but kind of keep this thing rolling.”

Sounds like the visit went well and like Sean is interested:

“Very heavily [considering Duke]... He has a chance to play in the 2023-24 season with a lot of other good young players...[I]t’s a short flight to Raleigh. Sean was comfortable on campus, he was comfortable with the players, he was comfortable with the staff. It’s up there. That’s a great situation.”