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A Closer Look At The First Half Of Duke-Gardner-Webb

The pieces are starting to fit together nicely.

NCAA Basketball: Gardner-Webb at Duke
Nov 16, 2021; Durham, North Carolina, USA; Gardner-Webb Runnin’ Bulldogs guard Julien Soumaoro (1) attempts to pass as Duke Blue Devils forward Wendell Moore Jr. (0) defends during the first half at Cameron Indoor Stadium. 
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a quick spin through the first half of the Duke-Gardner-Webb game. Some general impressions: Jeremy Roach is only now showing us what he can do. Mark Williams was brilliant for much of the first half. If Trevor Keels continues to shoot this way, Duke is going to be a nightmare. And Joey Baker had two drives in one game. Who saw that coming?

  • 19:20: Williams gets going with a nice block.
  • 19:126: Wendell Moore wants to reward him but the pass goes all pinball.
  • 19:06: Foolish foul by Roach.
  • 18:38: We begin to understand what they mean when they say Keels is the best three point shooter on the roster.
  • 18:15: It’s clear at this point that Duke is comfortable with its big men defending near half court.
  • 16:30: Williams goes up, not strong.
  • 16:01: Roach pass to Moore. Well set up for shot but Moore misses
  • 15:28: Roach Pass - don’t completely understand it
  • 15:20: Roach’s defense is sooooo much better. Pressures into TO
  • 14:20: It’s a bad idea to leave Keels alone this much. Look at his form.
  • 13:35: Keels steps on the line and the three is waved off
  • 13:08: Baker drives to the basket
  • 12:32: Griffin is the guy who is supposed to break the zone but Roach actually does it. Nice penetration here.
  • 11:58: Williams gets loose for the dunk. Here his thin frame works to his advantage with the defender.
  • 11:45: Williams again, this time poking the ball loose past the top of the key. He’s really good at this. Unfortunately he argued with the official to get a backcourt call instead of continuing the attack.
  • 11:01: Williams has a habit of not going up strong. He should have dunked the hell out oft his instead of worrying about a 6-2 guard defending him.
  • 10:51: williams again goes for the steal. Long arm of the law here. He knocks the ball loose but towards the basket. Fortunately Reid blows the opening.
  • 10:00: Baker, Baker basket maker…but on a drive.
  • 9:44: Banchero gets caught staring and loses the switch
  • 9:27: What do Williams and Chet Holmgren have in common? Shotblocking and this.
  • 8:57: Dunk it big guy! Williams’ lack of strength really shows in this game. Baker’s pass put him in a bad position though.
  • 8:36: At least the third time Williams has forced a turnover and look what he does here. Sometimes his body is just too thin. Other times he’s so long it’s freaky. This one’s freaky.
  • 7:58: Keels for another three.
  • 7:23: Shot clock violation
  • 5:23: Banchero misses the shot but check out the move!
  • 5:02: Keels hits Williams for a nice dunk.
  • 4:04: Williams really whips this pass to Keels!
  • 3:36: Maybe this could have been a block/charge call but no whistle. What strikes us, again, is just how good Roach is at staying in front of his man. He as superb balance.
  • 3:32: Reid didn’t have to work all that hard to keep Wiliams away from the rebound.
  • 2:02: Roach shoots from the corner. Williams gets muscled again but this time still gets the rebound and makes a gorgeous spin move to hit the basket.
  • 1:42: This is kind of funny. Jordan Sears drives on Roach and pushes off. Watch Roach snatch the ball away. He’s much chippier this year isn’t he?
  • 1:12: Brendan Mykalcio is 8-7. Mark Williams is 7-0. When will they ever learn? Williams had time to for two block attempts and barely left his feet. Williams hits a streaking Roach for a layup.
  • 52.1: Roach knocks the ball from the defender to Wiliams who hits him for his second straight breakaway basket.
  • 24.3: Williams with another block. Keels picks it up and hits Moore with a gorgeous little pass for an alley-oop.