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YouTube Gold: Brotherhood Air

You’ve never seen Cameron like this

UNC v Duke
DURHAM, NC - JANUARY 27: Fans of Duke University Blue Devils celebrate during the NCAA game against University of North Carolina Tar Heels at Cameron Indoor Stadium on January 27, 1999 in Durham, North Carolina. Duke defeated UNC 89-73.
Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images

You know, most of us are at least passingly familiar with Cameron Indoor Stadium. It’s a magnificent facility in many ways with, as Mike Krzyzewski says, a soul.

It’s now heading into its 82nd season and of course it’s been modified somewhat over the years: for instance, now it has air conditioning, the baffles were removed years ago, the Krzyzewski Center was added and many other things, not least of all Krzyzewskiville, which is of course outside.

We’ve seen it on TV constantly but never quite like this: they use a drone to illustrate highlights on campus and then over to Cameron. The flight up to Duke Chapel is pretty spectacular.

And one of the coolest things about this is the skills of the drone pilot. Whoever it was has some great skills. Among other things, the drone weaves in and out of the banners. That’s a pretty great bit of flying, buttery smooth. It’s a creative and fun way to look at Duke Basketball.

Also worth noting: Mike Krzyzewski isn’t involved. This is part of the transition to Jon Scheyer, who starts and finishes the narration.