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Is A Movie In Zion Williamson’s Future?

Sounds like a definite possibility

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans-Media Day
Sep 27, 2021; New Orleans, LA, USA; Zion Williamson during a press conference at the New Orleans Pelicans Media Day.
Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports

Could be.

Ray Allen starred as Jesus Shuttleworth in the 1998 Spike Lee hit “He Got Game.”

Now apparently a sequel may be in the works - and the star may be a very familiar face.

Yes, it’s possible that Zion Williamson could wind up on your favorite streaming app.

We have no idea what they have in mind but presumably it won’t be Jesus Shuttleworth again - although Allen says he and Spike Lee agree that Denzel Washington should be in the new movie too.

We have no idea if Williamson can act or not but it’s worth remembering that his high school English teacher was very impressed with his poetry, suggesting that Williamson had some real talent as a writer.

That’s an introvert’s game of course.

There are of course introverted actors too. Marlene Dietrich famously just wanted to be alone and guys like Keanu Reeves clearly don’t need the spotlight.

Williamson is a magnetic talent on the court and he’s a quick study. There’s no guarantee he can act but it would be fun to watch anyway if only for the basketball scenes.