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YouTube Gold: The Height Of Duke-Maryland

A good look back at a fun era of ACC basketball

Duke v Maryland Jason Williams
Jason Williams drives on Maryland’s Steve Blake and Juan Dixon.

Maryland left the ACC for the Big Ten after the 2014-15 season after some sneaky maneuvering by the school to avoid public meeting law requirements.

After the news broke, Maryland fans and alums began to lobby to continue the Duke-Maryland rivalry, something which Mike Krzyzewski shut down quickly. Essentially he said you want to play Duke, you shouldn’t have left the conference.

And true to his word, Duke has never played the Terps again, not even in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, something you have to think that ESPN would like.

But it hasn’t happened and, barring a meeting in the postseason, probably won’t anytime soon.

It was a heated series though, particularly around the turn of the century. Maryland fans had gotten really sick of Duke.

Under Lefty Driesell, Maryland dominated Duke but after his fall following the Len Bias scandal, Duke blew past Maryland and dominated the Terps. Understandably, the fans were sick of it.

Gary Williams revived the program and brought it up to the level of Duke and UNC but rarely moved past the Tobacco Road duopoly.

This documentary from The Washington Post delves into that era when tensions between Duke and Maryland were sky-high, talking to prominent figures on both sides.

Set aside a few minutes to watch it. It’s pretty well done. And check out the final comments from Bob Harris. His dad was a prescient guy.