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Duke Recruiting: JJ Starling Update

Duke’s in but will Duke win it?

Duke and Syracuse may end up battling it out for the services of
Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’ve gotten some good recruiting intel from about recruits that are considering both Duke and Syracuse.

In this case, they’re discussing JJ Starling and his future plans.

Quite often lately Syracuse-oriented sites have seen themselves at a disadvantage to so-called Blue Blood programs.

Well not so much with Starling: InsideTheLoudhouse sees the ‘Cuse as having a real shot at Starling, who is a local.

No one has much information though and his other schools are Duke, Stanford, Notre Dame and Northwestern, which may make Syracuse the outlier, at least academically.

Starling plans to announce this month and says who his future teammates are will have a major influence.