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Jon Scheyer On His Upcoming New Job

And what he’ll have to deal with

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Columbia - Practice Sessions
COLUMBIA, SC - MARCH 21: Associate head coach Jon Scheyer of the Duke Blue Devils looks on during their practice session prior to the first round of the 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship at Colonial Life Arena on March 21, 2019 in Columbia, South Carolina.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Jon Scheyer was in Albany this week to accept an award from Coaches vs. Cancer and was naturally asked about his next job: replacing the iconic Mike Krzyzewski next spring.

After the jokey question about moving into Coach K’s office - Scheyer said K would be keeping that - he had some comments about why he would take this job. Here’s part of what he said:

“I feel as ready as you can be, right? I mean, there’s going to be challenges. There’s no playbook, exactly, right, for following someone like Coach K in the program. But I think the infrastructure we have in place, I think the way we’ve done the succession, where there’s year of transition period has been a great deal of help, where we can put together a great recruiting class and a great roster for next year. I don’t expect it to be easy, by any means, but I’m looking forward to it and I know we’re up for the challenge.”

He’s going to be measured on his own merits soon enough but it looks increasingly like the transition has been meticulously planned. And while Coach K won’t be on the sidelines anymore, it’s also clear that he’ll be around for some time.