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RJ Barrett And Zion Williamson: Tortoise And The Hare?

Barrett’s game is not as exciting but he just keeps grinding

New York Knicks v Chicago Bulls
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 28: RJ Barrett #9 of the New York Knicks drives to the basket against the Chicago Bulls on OCTOBER 28, 2021 at United Center in Chicago, Illinois. 
Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images


Given Zion Williamson’s latest injury, this was probably inevitable: people are sharply revising their opinions of his former Duke teammate RJ Barrett.

Barrett isn’t as spectacular a talent as Williamson is - who is? - but he’s played 133 career games to to Williamson’s 85.

Barrett is also getting talked up early for the NBA’s All-Defense team which would be a bigger accomplishment than anything Williamson has accomplished to date.

But we wouldn’t write Williamson off just yet and neither is Barrett, who said this about his old Duke buddy: “He’ll be all right. He’s such a special talent and such a great human being. I’m always pulling for him. He’ll be good. When he comes back, you guys will see.’’