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Grayson Allen Update

The former Duke star is thriving in Cream City

Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks
Grayson Allen doing Grayson Allen things for the Milwaukee Bucks

Things seem to be going well for former Duke star Grayson Allen, who was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in early August.

How well?

He’s starting, he’s fifth in minutes played and generally speaking his stats are up. He’s getting almost 50 percent more minutes, has nearly doubled his rebounding, assists and steals are up while fouls and turnovers are down. He’s not shooting as well as he normally does but the season is three games old. He’ll get there.

Without Donte DiVincenzo, who is out with another injury, the Bucks needed another useful guard and in a lot of ways, Allen is a more durable version of DiVincenzo.

It’s unclear just when DiVincenzo will be back but this isn’t: Milwaukee opted to not pick up his option. They could still resign him as a free agent of course and might find him valuable enough to keep around despite his injury problems, but at this point, it looks like Allen has moved past him.