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ACC Bricklaying

Plenty of poor shooting to go around lately

Duke’s Wendell Moore struggled with three point shooting but he was hardly alone in that

Bad 3-point shooting as a group effort is nothing new. It may even be contagious. But lately, perhaps due to an expanded shooting arc, it’s become a chronic malady for some teams. Half of the ACC’s eight worst collective efforts from beyond the arc were registered in the past two years.

To recap, in 2019-20 the NCAA Division I men’s line moved back from 20’9”, adopted for the 2009 season, to a distance of 22’1.75” from a spot measured directly below the center of the basket. The line now matches the international arc.

Even with the lengthened arc no one has threatened the dubious 21st-century record achieved by Georgia Tech under Brian Gregory in 2015, when the Yellow Jackets hit at a .267 clip and finished 12-19.

Pitt came within shouting distance of the Yellow Jackets’ mark in 2020, converting .2956 of its threes. But before the Panthers settled in as the ACC’s second-worst 3-point shooters of recent vintage, here came Miami in 2021 with slightly more execrable bonusphere accuracy at .2953.

The Hurricanes had only two regulars hit for better than a break-even percentage from 3-point distance in 2021 – standout Isaiah Wong (.347) and newcomer Matt Cross (.400). Wong is the No.2 returning scorer in the ACC with a 17.1-point average, trailing only Syracuse’s Buddy Boeheim (17.8). Cross is now gone.

The remainder of the Miami squad shot a combined .255 on threes.

North Carolina, under the shooting tutelage of then-assistant Hubert Davis, set a school mark in 2020 with .3042 team accuracy on threes, the program’s worst since the shot went into effect in 1987. That acuity improved to .318 in 2021 as the Heels went from a 14-19 record to 18-11.

Hurting the Carolina cause were the dud-ly duo of Caleb Love (.266) and Leaky Black (.222), both among the ACC’s worst from long range last year.

Worst 3-Point Accuracy By ACC Teams, Since 2000
3 Pct. School, Season 3At-3FGM
.267 Georgia Tech, 2015 131-491
.2953 Miami, 2021 150-508
.2956 Pittsburgh, 2020 175-592
.2986 Georgia Tech, 2011 192-643
.2990 Clemson, 2015 171-572
.30097 Syracuse, 2015 155-515
.3036 Virginia, 2020 170-560
.3042 North Carolina, 2020 181-595
.305 N.C. State, 2014 160-525
.3072 Virginia Tech, 2010 157-511
.3075 Louisville, 2015 198-644
.30786 Duke, 2019 278-903
.30790 Boston College, 2020 230-747
.3080 Wake Forest, 2010 134-435
.3984 Louisville, 2021 107-347
.309 Wake Forest, 2000 159-505
.310 Clemson, 2014 190-613