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A Few Leftover Things From ACC Tipoff Including Jeff Capel Forgetting His Coach Speak For A Minute

This is the kind of thing that could come back later and bite you right in your whistle

Duke v Louisville
The face Jeff Capel made after he realized he left his coach speech back at Pitt.
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Some of this you may have already seen but there’s one part we wanted to highlight.

These are comments from the ACC’s Media Day to start the season.

First, Hubert Davis talks about maintaining UNC traditions. He’s made it clear he’s making some changes but he’s diplomatic about it: “...I’ve said before that I want to travel the same road. I’m just going to do it with my own personality and my own shoes. Carolina is going to be Carolina because I believe in it and I trust it, but I’m also going to do it with my personality.”

Makes sense and well handled, coach.

Then some comments from Wendell Moore and Joey Baker about Jon Scheyer taking over after this coming season when Mike Krzyzewski retires. Wendell Moore said this: “(Scheyer) has been great, especially my time being here he’s helped so much, not only on the court but off the court things. I think the transition is already going to go smoothly, and I honestly don’t think there was a better person for the job.”

Baker broadly concurred, adding “I think Coach Scheyer is an amazing guy. He’s fully bought in to each individual guy on the team and the overall team success.”

Then former Duke guard and assistant Jeff Capel talks about NIL and wait until the Alabama folks get a hold of this quote. He’s been asked whether it will work better in rural areas or cities. After he talks about the pros and cons of being in a major city like Pittsburgh, Capel gets savage: “You know, in some cases, is it better to be in like Tuscaloosa, where there’s nothing?“

First, you know the NCAA might factor that in should both teams make the post-season and second, if we’re Nate Oats we’re cutting that and keeping it just in case.

That aside, he’s basically right.