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The Chronicle Looks At Stanley Borden

One of Duke’s most intriguing walk-ons ever

Brian Zoubek might be a good role model for Duke walk-on Stanley Borden
Photo by Harry E. Walker/MCT/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Stanley Borden is such a weird deal.

First, how often do you see a 7-0 walk-on? And at a small school like Duke? It’s a bit surreal.

And second, how often do you see a 7-0 walk-on who played in Europe?

It’s all just odd and surprising.

As the Duke Chronicle says here, he’s not likely to play a whole lot this season. Mark Williams is immensely promising and Paolo Banchero is wildly gifted for a big guy. Theo John isn’t bad either.

But here’s the thing: he has a chance to play against very, very good guys as he matures.

We’re not saying that he’s going to turn into an elite player before he’s through. Odds are against that.

But could he turn into a solid, useful big man?

If he were just a guy from North Dakota, we’d just figure that he’d be a career walk-on and not much more.

But given his background and his experience, and the daily lessons he’s starting to learn, could be be as good as, say, Brian Zoubek, Matt Christensen or possibly Marshall Plumlee?

It could be.

And even if he’s a career practice player, he’ll also know all the drills and stations and he’ll be able to teach younger big men Duke Basketball.

Any way you look at it, he should be a positive addition.