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The ACC Network And Comcast: Not Just Yet (Again)

This is such a drag for people who have Comcast

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Colorado Avalanche
This is from NHL land but the sentiment applies.
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This summer we spotted tweets and posts from people who were apparently getting the ACC Network on Comcast which we passed on.

Well obviously it didn’t happen and hasn’t happened yet. But at ACC Tipoff, Commissioner Jim Phillips said he’s optimistic and that things are getting closer:

““[We]’re down to Comcast, and I am really optimistic about where that’s going, but nothing of substance (to report Tuesday). I just know we’re getting really close. But it’s got to be something that Comcast feels good about and our group feels good about....[Comcast] knows the importance of the ACC Network moving forward to Disney and to ESPN, and we also understand Comcast has some things that they’re trying to work through. But it’s very amicable, and we are farther along than we were in July, so there has been progress.”

We’d like to think so. Of course he’s right that both sides need to be satisfied with any deal. But honestly, the network started in 2019 and many ACC fans still can’t get it. It’s pretty awful when your team is on and you simply have no way to watch. The sooner this deal is done the better.