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Grayson Allen Winning Milwaukee Over Dunk By Dunk

This is nothing new for Duke fans but it seems to have made an impression in Milwaukee.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Milwaukee Bucks

It’s been both amusing and interesting to see the reaction that the Grayson Allen trade has engendered.

If you aren’t up on it, Allen was traded to Milwaukee in August and immediately there was speculation that Wisconsin Badgers fans would be hostile.

We figured that once people realized how hard he played and what he brought to a team they’d get over it in a big old hurry.

Well it’s working on his teammates already.

Check out this impressive play. Allen is in the lane and Giannis Antetokounmpo is cutting to the basket. Instead of passing to Antetokounmpo, admittedly not a bad option, Allen takes off and pulls off a one-handed dunk.

It’s a seriously impressive play and the funniest thing?

Check out his teammates. They love it.

The best part of it is watching Brook Lopez. He is in disbelief. It’s the second time we’ve seen a Duke player make him grab his head in shock but the first time, the guy was on the other team (fast forward to about 2:18).