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YouTube Gold: Michael Jordan On Larry Bird And Magic Johnson

And snakes.

Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan, 1991 NBA Finals
Basketball: NBA Finals: Closeup of Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan (23) victorious with Larry O’Brien trophy after winning Game 5 and series vs Los Angeles Lakers. View of NBC Sports announcer Bob Costas during media interview. Inglewood, CA 6/12/1991 
Set Number: X41558

Roy Firestone isn’t as visible as he used to be but he is a superb interviewer who gets his guests to talk on a very personal basis (he also does wonderful impressions).

In this clip, he talks to a young Michael Jordan. He starts by asking him about his relationship with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

It’s kind of hard to believe now but at one point, maybe his rookie year, Isaiah Thomas and Magic Johnson supposedly froze him out of the All-Star game.

That all ended as Jordan began to take over the game. Well, other than the enmity between Jordan and Isaiah Thomas. Rumor has it that Jordan saw to it that Thomas wasn’t on the Dream Team in 1992. If so, that was pretty good payback for the All-Star business.

Firestone also asked him to respond to single word questions which is where we learn that Jordan has a serious, serious fear of snakes.