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YouTube Gold: The Enduring Friendship Between Tom Jones And Stevie Wonder

Not something we anticipated stumbling across

Stevie Wonder and Tom Jones from the 1960’s

Life is full of surprises and sometimes they are even good. Take these series of videos between Stevie Wonder and Tom Jones.

We saw this one first and had no idea that the two had been great friends for decades. You can tell here how much Wonder’s words mean to Jones.

Now 80, Jones has had an amazing career and you don’t have to watch this for long to realize that he is still vibrant and full of life.

The two go back a long ways. We think what Wonder is talking about is this clip from 1969.

They have great stage chemistry. Here they are doing arguably Wonder’s greatest song, Superstition, and one here’s one doing just a brief bit of Jones’s 60’s hit It’s Not Unusual.

Both men have had interesting lives. Wonder started performing at a young age and was signed by Motown when he was just 11. His first big hit was Fingertips, a live recording which still dazzles.

Jones was born to a Welsh coal mining family and was diagnosed with Tuberculosis when he was 12. He spent the next couple of years in bed recuperating and listening to lots of American R&B. Both stars exploded in the early ‘60s and then demonstrated great longevity which endures to this day.