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Coach K Out For BC Game Wednesday

Wake Forest remains up in the air

Coach K in his natural environment

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski confirmed on Monday that he’ll be out for the Boston College game currently scheduled on Wednesday.

Coach K said this on Monday’s ACC coaches teleconference: “There are guidelines that the ACC put out as far as testing and quarantine and all that, but they’re not rules.... For the quarantine, the guidelines say you might be able to stop it at seven days, but you have to go along with what the Duke health and your local health officials say,” Krzyzewski said. “Right now they’re saying 10 days, so I will not coach the Boston College game—obviously I’m involved as much as I can be.

“And the noon start of the Wake Forest game is right at the end of the quarantine [period], and I’ll have to get guidance. I hope that I’ll be able to do that. We’re gonna follow whatever the health officials say, and I have confidence in my team and my coaching staff. But I’d certainly like to be back by that game if they allow it.”

Not to pick on anyone, but it’s probably better to miss BC and possibly Wake Forest than Virginia, Virginia Tech, NC State or Clemson.

Depending on what the ultimate verdict is, we hope we’ll see K back for the Wake Forest game. Among other things, on some level, we expect coaches like to compete with other coaches and hopefully beat them senseless the first time out to establish a tone for the new rivalry.

He’d never say that and might not agree with it, but on some primal level, imposing yourself early, and forcefully, is bound to be a good idea.

By the way, check this out: Boston University has mandated that any on-campus competitions must use masks. So when the Terriers play Holy Cross Tuesday, expect a lot of substitutions and timeouts.

These teams play six times in this unusual season so check back at the end and see if there is a difference between the games at the respective home courts.

We’d like to call, again, for enterprising young students to design a customizable 3-D printable mask that is clear, not right up against your skin, with better ventilation, and possibly incorporating goggles. And for coaches and staff, you could add a bluetooth mic and speakers to make their voices a bit less muffled.