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YouTube Gold: Mike Gminski’s Career Day

Watch as he dominates a great Boston front court

Mike Gminski rests
Former Blue Devil Mike Gminski as a Philadelphia 76er

Mike Gminski had a sensational career at Duke which is even more impressive when you realize that he was only sixteen when he got to Durham. Even then he was a dominant center, scoring, blocking shots and rebounding with ease.

People forget that as a young athlete G-man won the NFL’s Punt, Pass and Kick competion, then a major event and accomplishment.

After his time at Duke, he went to he NBA and become a solid and occasionally great big man.

The best game of his career came at Boston in 1986 against the greatest team of the Larry Bird era.

The Celtics front court was Bird, Robert Parrish and Kevin McHale with Bill Walton off the bench.

No matter.

Gminski went off for 41 points and 22 boards, both career highs.

It would be amazing to do that in any NBA game but against the ‘86 Celtics? That’s extraordinary.