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DBR Podcast Episode #266 - When Will Duke Play Basketball Again?

Tough time for everyone

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Notre Dame
Dec 16, 2020; South Bend, Indiana, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish guard Prentiss Hubb (3) dribbles against Duke Blue Devils guard DJ Steward (2) in the second half at the Purcell Pavilion. 
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

On this edition of the DBR Podcast, we discuss Duke’s second consecutive postponed conference game, as tonight’s scheduled matchup against FSU in Tallahassee was called off just 24 hours before tipoff due to positive tests in FSU’s program. The guys discuss the ongoing madness of trying to keep up with the schedule as it changes constantly. Sam points out that Duke is potentially in danger of not playing enough games to qualify for the postseason, and Jason brings the math.

The discussion about the postponed games leads us down a few dirt roads, including wondering how other ACC coaches feel right now about the state of the schedule and various programs’ culpability in keeping the season going.

After the break, Jason observes that during the short time on Friday that we thought Duke would play this game without Coach K, the head coach had tapped Jon Scheyer to fill in for him as long as he was out, and that may indicate how Coach K feels about the heirarchy on his staff. We can’t be sure what it means for Scheyer’s career, or that of Nate James, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Finally, we celebrate Duke Women’s Basketball nabbing a highly ranked transfer from Louisville, freshman Nyah Green. Her arrival hopefully signifies another step for Kara Lawson bringing the program back to elite status.

Stay in touch with us emailing the podcast at dbrpodcast at We’ll be back to preview Duke’s next game, be it Boston College or whomever else the ACC decides, whenever that comes to pass.