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YouTube Gold: Doug Collins

Chris’s dad was a pretty great player in his own right

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics
BOSTON - 1980: Doug Collins #20 of the Philadelphia 76ers drives to the basket against Dave Cowens of the Boston Celtics during a game played in 1980 at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.
Photo by Dick Raphael/NBAE via Getty Images

Most Duke fans know that Chris Collins, who played at Duke in the early to mid 90s, is the son of Doug Collins, who both played and coached in the NBA but a lot of people have no idea what kind of player he was. sd

He was a bit unusual in his day because he was a 6-6 guard with very fluid skills. He was also on the 1972 Olympic team that controversially lost to the Russians in the gold medal game. If we remember correctly, he got clobbered and hit the free throws that put the US up 50-49 with seconds to spare. Later he said he had trouble focusing on the rim but he still hit them. Unfortunately things went awfully wrong from there. Collins, along with his teammates, have never accepted their silver medals, believing, correctly, that they were robbed.

In the NBA, he was part of the great Sixers teams with Julius Erving, Bobby Jones and others, retiring the year before Philly won the title in 1983.

He was reed thin but quick and in many ways a prototype for guards that would follow in the years to come.

Trivia: his next door neighbor growing up was actor John Malkovich.