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The Chronicle Looks At Wendell Moore’s Struggles

Moore is struggling but capable of much, much more

Wendell Moore in a confident mood

Over at the Duke Chronicle, Campbell Lawson has a column up on Wendell Moore’s struggles so far this season which takes a close look at some particular plays.

It’s a reasonable look at some individual plays and the conclusion, that Moore needs pressure to be at his best, could be correct.

Or it might be entirely wrong.

We’re not sure which is correct.

The thing about Moore, which this article does address, is that he has a history of winning.

At Concord’s Cox Mill High, he helped his team win two straight state titles and his tip-in to win the game at UNC last year is going to go down in Duke history as one of the most exhilarating moments in the history of the rivalry (at least from Duke’s perspective - it was probably much less exciting from UNC’s).

Our hunch is not that Moore needs more pressure but less and not from his teammates and coaches but from himself and the jerky-jerky nature of this season isn’t helping.

If we’re right, when he can do that, his game will take off and that will be a huge asset for Duke.