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YouTube Gold: Einstein Slays ‘em

The great man had a great sense of humor

Albert Einstein
German born American physicist Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955), 1946.
Photo by Central Press/Getty Images

Albert Einstein will go down in history alongside legendary minds like Sir Isaac Newton, Madam Curie, Galileo and Stephen Hawking.

He’s immortal for his theory of relativy and the story of how it came to him is pretty interesting: he imagined himself riding a beam of light and how time would be different for him and those he left on earth, to him just a few minutes ago but to them, years might have gone by.

More recently his theory of gravitational waves, which he predicted more than one hundred years ago, was validated.

To many of us he’s an abstraction, a black-and-white figure from the dim, distant past. We see hints of the modern in his unruly hair and his willingness to be, uh, casual in his dress.

But he was a living, breathing man who had normal human traits. One of the best was his sense of humor. He was actually a pretty funny, humble guy, as you’ll see here. He had a puckish sense of humor and at least in this video, people really seemed to appreciate it. He seems like a hard man to dislike.