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You Tube Gold: The Greatness Of Bo Jackson

Baseball side only

Kansas City Royals
UNDATED: Bo Jackson #16 of the Kansas City Royals swings at the pitch during a season game. Bo Jackson played for the Kansas City Royals from 1986-1990.
Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Like his contemporary Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson had a desire to play pro baseball. Unlike Jordan, he actually did it.

After a dispute with the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, Jackson said he’d never play for them and if they drafted him, he’d just play baseball, which he did for the Kansas City Royals.

His talent was obvious with one scout saying the only thing standing between him and greatness was lack of experience.

He got enough of that to get called up to the Royals after 52 games in the minors and immediately became a prime draw. When you look at this video, you’ll see why. He was a superb power hitter - Buck O’ Neill, who lived a long and remarkable life in baseball said he only heard a noise like when Jackson connected from three players in his life - Jackson, Josh Gibson and Babe Ruth.

In this clip you’ll see the famous wall run, some massive home runs, several incredible passes to throw players out and Jackson breaking a bat over his head.

That bat was cracked. This one was not.

After spurning the Bucs, Jackson signed the next season with the LA Raiders and played both sports, and at a supremely high level, until he suffered a hip injury in 1991 that ended both careers.

Essentially the injury damaged the blood flow to his hip and ultimately he had to have a replacement done.

His time was brief, but his greatness endures.