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You Tube Gold: The Late Dwight Anderson

“You’ll never see that again!”

University Of Mississippi Rebels Men’s Basketball
OXFORD, MS - JANUARY 13, 1979: Dwight Anderson #23 (1960 - 2020) guard of the University of Kentucky Wildcats shoots the jumper against the Ole Miss Rebels at Tad Smith Coliseum in Oxford, Mississippi.
Photo by University of Mississippi/Getty Images

We were sorry to hear that former Kentucky and USC star Dwight Anderson had died.

Variously listed at 59 or 61, Anderson was so fast his nickname was simply “the Blur.”

Unfortunately, his life was derailed by alcohol and drugs and he ended up homeless for at least part of his life.

He was one of the fastest players ever to play the game and at times he did things that sort of boggled the mind. On one occasion after his transfer to USC he was going so fast he simply went under the backboard and tossed the ball up as he flew by. Not only did it go in, but he banked it in - from behind the basket.

Obviously his life had a lot of struggle but as the announcer says, you’ll never see this again and we haven’t. It’s hard to even comprehend banking a shot in like that, much less doing it.